The Mandela Children’s Fund

The Mandela Children’s Fund is an organization established to honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy by aiding underprivileged children from all communities from every part of South Africa. The Fund creates awareness among the community of the needs of the children that have been forgotten or neglected by the very society in which they live. We aim to empower teachers and caregivers to be able to aid these unfortunate children by any means possible via our support networks. We build relationships with corporations and companies in the interest of raising funds for the underdeveloped an uneducated children. We aim to help provide basic necessities, like access to education, food and shelter. We have found that it is not just the large multinational companies who are willing to lend their support to our cause, but also the smaller businesses, sole proprietors and service providers that are able to contribute towards the welfare of the children. It doesn’t matter whether the contribution is R10 or R10 000, every contribution goes towards giving a child a chance in life.

Mandela Childrens Fund

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Volunteer work in Cape Town

African Sunrise is an organization offering people the opportunity to volunteer in Africa and Cape Town that is really making a difference. Founded by Carina Roper and her Swedish friend, African Sunrise has grown from strength to strength, attracting individuals interested in volunteer work in Cape Town and Africa from all over the world. Volunteering in South Africa and Cape Town is popular with young people from several European countries, providing them the opportunity to come and help make a difference to the many underprivileged children in South Africa. African Sunrise assist their clients with everything from start to finish, including assistance with Visa requirements and accommodation whilst they are in South Africa. For many of these volunteers, it is an opportunity to experience a gap year after studying, come to South Africa and do charitable work whilst traveling and enjoying the splendor of our country at the same time. For many of these volunteers it is the first time leaving Europe, or coming to Africa and can be a life changing experience that they will remember for the rest of their lives.

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African Sunrise also helps find their clients internships in South Africa. For many students after finishing their studies, this is the perfect opportunity to take a gap year, experience the untamed beauty of South Africa, whilst also completing an internship with a local business and gaining some practical work experience in the field in which they have studied. African Sunrise carefully choose the projects in with which they participate in order to provide their volunteers or interns with the best opportunity to make a difference to the lives of those in need and gain valuable experience. For many people, choosing the correct country to complete their internship can be a very difficult decision. What makes South Africa such a popular choice is the fact that our culture is so diverse, with so many ethnicity’s and official spoken languages. The country’s political heritage and the social and economic aftermath of apartheid has left many problems that still need to be addressed. The minimum internship in South Africa option offered by African Sunrise is three months. Placements are offered in a variety of fields, including :

  • Public Relations
  • Photography
  • Law Studies
  • Human Rights
  • Psychology
  • Social Work

African Sunrise volunteers and interns will have the opportunity to work directly with a South African registered social worker, treating neglected children from broken homes who have been subjected to all forms of abuse and mistreatment.

We truly appreciate the work accomplished by African Sunrise and have the greatest respect for those of you that leave the comfort of your homes to come and volunteer in Africa. There is so much work to be done and every helping hand counts. More information about the organization can be found on their website or contact us directly for their details.


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21st Annual General Meeting of The Nelson Mandela Children’s fund

An historic AGM of the Nelson Mandela’s Children’s fund was held on Friday the 26th of August in Johannesburg at the recently completed NMCH (Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Hospital), which is all set to open its doors in December 2016.

The AGM began with a closed session, chaired by Judge Yvonne Mokgoro and attended only by the board of trustees. This was followed on shortly by an open session attended by donors, funders, NGO’s, government departments and institutes of higher learning. The open session was an inspiring dialogue of those involved with and committed to the improvement of child welfare and strengthening the bonds in communities. Here is what some of these dedicated and inspirational speakers had to say :

“As the Teddy Bear Clinic for Children, we have an excellent partnership with the Fund, and one great achievement is an intervention in the judicial processes involving children. I don’t know how many of you have been in the actual court and experienced the anxiety  that comes with such an environment, now just imagine in the case of children who have to testify against perpetrators of abuses against them. Our success in training paralegals to support children and families in court situations has brought dignity and amplified the voice of children.”

Shaida Omar – Teddy Bear Clinic

I feel so good to see, hear and realise how all of us can do in the interest of children.  After Madiba’s release from prison after 27 years, and seeing children sleeping under a bridge, that was a strong enough reason to start the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. I thank the implementing partners because they are the foot soldiers of Madiba’s dream in communities.
Our coming together from different organisations by Madibas’dream is not by accident. There is a purpose for all of us and I know it comes from within, it comes from the heart, it comes from the soul. We need to continue with Madiba’s vision of changing the way society treats its children.”

Judge Yvonne Mokgoro: the Fund’s Board Chair

The year 2015 marked twenty years since it was first established in 1995. The five year period of the organization, spanning from 2010 to 2015 gave rise to Sakha Ikusasa III and what has become known as the fund’s “Theory of Change”. Simply stated, the Theory of Change takes into account that from the moment a child is born, there are a multitude of factors which impact on the child. The child’s well being is both impacted and dependent on some of these factors, a holistic view is taken as to the overlapping circles or groups of people that have a bearing on the child’s life. For example the closest “circle” in the child’s life would be his or her immediate family, mother, father, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. The second and overlapping circle would be the teachers, the doctor, the priest and the community in general. These overlapping circles fundamentally influence how the child negotiates successfully through childhood until reaching maturity.


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Scotswood Retreat and The Children’s Fund

The MCF regularly seeks support and funding from local enterprises and businesses that are willing to give back to the community and support the welfare of the underprivileged and disadvantaged youth of South Africa. Scotswood Retreat is a sober house in Cape Town that is already invested in the well being of people in need of help and support. The drug problem among the youth of South Africa is a terrible problem that is only get worse each year. The rampant availability of drugs to the youth and children of South Africa is alarming. Over the past decade the statistics on drug use and drug related crimes have escalated to alarming proportions. Since the first half of 2010 a new and deadly drug has appeared on the South African illegal narcotics market known as whoonga or nyaope. This drug is extremely cheap and addictive, first appearing in Kwazulu Natal and then quickly becoming available throughout the country, nyaope is believed to contain an assortment of narcotics, some even believe that the ingredients are blended with prescription medication used in the treatment of HIV. There have been reports of patients being mugged for their medication after leaving HIV clinics, or even selling it themselves to those involved in the manufacture of whoonga. The addictive quality of the drug is extremely powerful and the street price of roughly twenty South African Rands per dose makes it easily accessible and affordable to first time users. The problem is, like many illegal narcotics, the user or addict quickly requires several doses per day to avoid the severe withdrawal effects caused by whoonga. Many of the drugs users will soon find themselves resorting to crime as a means to sustain their habit. Some suspect that its possible that whoonga users will actually attempt to become HIV positive in order to gain access to the antiretroviral drugs suspected to be used in the manufacture of the drug, often mixed in conjunction with marijuana, heroin and crystal methamphetamine.

sponsor scotswood sober house in cape town

The whoonga epidemic is killing the children and youth of South Africa before they have a chance of living a normal and healthy life. Many of them do not survive and either die from overdose, crime related incidents or HIV resulting from use of the drug. The government needs to address the problem with a more direct approach, creating awareness in the communities directly affected by it and offering treatment for those that actively seek it. The access to information concerning the dangers of addiction in rural and underprivileged communities is very limited at the present moment, let alone the opportunity to undergo any from of government sponsored or subsidized addiction treatment.

Scotswood sober living house in Cape Town takes the recovery process for the person who suffers from any form of addiction to a new level. Addiction comes in many forms, not just alcohol or drig addiction. People are often treated for gambling addiction, sex addiction, gaming addiction, eating disorders and many other addictive processes that are harmful yet uncontrollable by those who suffer from them, regardless of the obvious negative effects on their lives and those around them. Scotswood offers a safe stepping stone in the rehabilitation of a recovering addict, allowing them to experience life in a safe, drug and alcohol free environment, surrounded by a closely knot support group, especially during those first critical months of a recovering addict’s life.

The MCF applauds Scotswood Retreat for its initiative in helping combat the drug epidemic faced by the children and youth of South Africa.


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