I Am Working for a Brokerage

I suppose they actually call this a wealth management place and it is a little embarrassing to tell the truth about why I got hired. They have a lot of really wealthy customers and some of them are women obviously. I was sitting there trying to learn what I was doing, in particular looking at the bitcoin evolution official web page trying to learn how to trade that cryptocurrency and then trying to figure out which other digital currencies are actually the sort of investment you want to risk. At any rate my boss suddenly gave me an office of my own, but it was all temporary. One of the secretaries came in and fixed my hair and made sure I was well groomed. A short time later I met my one and only client, a rather good looking 45 year old woman who was obviously quite wealthy. She started to flirt almost immediately and then invited me out to dinner at the sort of place I could never afford to eat at. I did not do anything I would not have done if no money were involved after that.

It is not the worst thing that ever happened to me and in fact no one trusts me to do the actual work involved. I still get a huge commission check, and that takes care of any problems I might have if I was not okay with having a sugar mama. Actually I do not know what you call that, since I never realized it happened. The lady, who shall remain nameless, she seems to want to have things exactly like this. Obviously I do not get any say in anything. She is completely in control and that is exactly the way that she wants it to be and I do not mind too much so far.