Some Hiking Equipment Preparations

  1. Backpack Bags

The backpack is useful for putting things we will carry on the climb, which we need to remember in the use of a backpack is the convenience and function. You must use the Best Camping Gear. Considerations in choosing a backpack are;

– Light. Should choose a backpack made of waterproof material, this material does not absorb a lot of water while wet and can also protect its contents.

– Strong. Able to carry loads safely, not easily torn and highly resistant.

– A comfortable backpack that has a frame, it is useful for the weight of the load evenly and balanced throughout the body. The rope should be strong, slightly wide, padded and easily adjustable.

  1. Sleeping Bag

Regarding sleep equipment should use Sleeping Bag, a good material is of the type Down and Duvet (made of goose feather) or from a parachute containing a thin or polar foam made of polar material.

  1. Clothing

Because of frequent weather changes, it is better to use clothes that can absorb sweat, do not forget to bring a jacket or sweater, gloves, or a tacky colored hat, the point if lost will be easily seen by the rescue team. Bring also change clothes adjust according to the length of the planned trip. On the way up the mountain should wear clothes that are easy to dry or not absorb water when wet. 3d hoodies also the one of recommended.

  1. Raincoats or Poncho

The point is when the weather there is not supportive or rainy we can use raincoats or ponchos to protect our bodies from rainwater, so we do not get wet and cold. Especially during the rainy season, this jacket coat must be brought.

  1. Shoes or Sandals of the Mountain

The point is to protect our feet from sharp stones, pointy wood, animal bites and thorns that we encountered during the journey up the mountain. The requirements of good shoes are shoes that have a large flower with a deep niche and high back, the point to stabilize the position of the foot against steep cliffs and steep rocks. And height of shoes covers the ankles. Should use shoes or sandals that are made of rubber material because it is not easily torn when exposed to thorns or rocks and wearing sandals or sandals are larger to avoid smudges on the feet.

  1. Gloves, Buffs, Socks, Gaiter & Hats

Gloves are useful for protecting the hands from scratches, friction or perhaps bites of small animals in your hands as they pass tracks on mountains, especially in dense forests or shrubs. Besides gloves are also useful as warmers, because one part of the body that is sensitive to the cold is the fingers.

Buff is a multi-purpose and versatile fabric that can be a mask, can be a headband, can be a cover of the forehead, could be funny bracelets, could be a blindfold or face even a scarf. So, this buff can be a complement to your hiking preparation.

For the purpose of socks as well as gloves that are to protect the feet from shrubs etc. and also warmers of course. While the gaiter serves to hold snake bites or other animal bites. The original function if it rains, water does not enter the inside of the shoe. Another function is to prevent sand from entering the shoe.

While the hat, of course, to protect the head from the hot sun.

  1. Survival Kit & Navigation Tool

This equipment is used in emergencies and is usually placed in a special container and as short as possible and always carried away wherever and under any circumstances during our journey.

As a navigation tool is a compass, while for survival kit include Glass mirror, Sewing Needle, Nylon Yarn, Fishing Eye and Fishing Rod, Cutter or Knife kit, Matches in waterproof and candle containers, Whistles etc.

  1. Lantern or Flashlight

Useful for lighting, if we do the climb at night and for lighting in the tent at night bring also backup battery stones, spare bulbs, and candles or lights of ships or anti-storm.

  1. Personal and First Aid Drugs

For those who have certain pain do not forget to bring personal medicines and first aid is also very important to overcome unforeseen circumstances such as exposed thorns, animal stings, snaked bites and others.

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